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Forklift Truck Course

  • Online Course for Forklift Truck Operator with this course you will get Certified Forklift that enables you to operate: Counterbalance Truck Reach Truck, Powered Pallet Truck, Hand Pallet Truck, Order Pickers.
  • You will learn Forklift Theory, Skills and Safety.
  • Estimated duration: 20 hours.
  • No internship required.
  • Valid to work in the U.K.
  • Training based regulations 1215/97 EU · l17.
  • Price: £45 · $60 · €50


Most frequent questions and answers

There are no government issued licences for vehicles at work, the law requires that each operator is given adequate training and must have a “accredited certificate” issued by a training body or an internal document drawn up by the company where the training was given.

Therefore, it can be any document, card, certificate, etc… where it is stated that the worker received such training.

There is no such thing as a lift-truck licence.

Yes, this course is completely valid for working in the European Union, the training is adapted 1215/1997 EU.

This license is governed by the current regulations on safety in the workplace. In fact, the law does not require you to obtain a license. What is obligatory is to have completed the compulsory training, to pass an evaluation test or exam and, of course, to be in possession of a supporting document. By taking this course you will obtain this certification can be used when seeking employment.

There is no specific time period after which you need to provide refresher training or formal assessment. However, you may decide that automatic refresher training or a retest after a set period (for example 3-5 years) is the best way to make sure employees remain competent. Where you adopt this approach, you will still need to monitor performance, in case operators need extra training before the set period ends.

This course can be taken by anyone, although it is especially aimed at people who already have knowledge in the handling of this type of machinery, people who have to renew their license and/or who have worked handling this type of machinery but have not obtained the training and certification.

The training received is online (no practices), being the practice the responsibility of the company.

Yes, the regulation 1215/97 EU obliges the company that is going to hire you or for which you are already working to teach you how to operate the machinery that you are going to use.

To indicate to him that each machinery and each work place has its own particularities and dangerousness. For this reason, it is in the company itself where they must give him the practical notions according to the job he is going to do.

There are many different schemes in operation, so each employer should satisfy themselves that training under the schemes they accept means that operators are competent to use each piece of equipment that they will be required to operate.

Employers are entitled to require their plant operators to be trained to any scheme which they think is appropriate to their workplace, as long as completion of the training certificate the company chooses means that employees are competent to operate the mobile plant they will be using.

That is why we always recommend that you ask the company where you work or will be working about their requirements before taking the course.

No, driving a car and operating mobile plant are very different tasks, although they use some of the same skills. There is no legal requirement for plant operators to hold a road driving licence unless they wish to drive their vehicles on the public highway. All plant driven on the public highway must comply with the appropriate road traffic legislation.

There is nothing specific, although lift-truck operators should be over the minimum school leaving age (MSLA), except in ports where they must be at least 18 years old.

When you finish the course, you can fill in your details and choose the form of payment you want: Credit or Debit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Accessing the course and taking the Exam is free of charge. You can repeat the test as many times as you need. You only pay at the end, to get the license.

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    Dear Student,

    Taking the Course Forklift Truck driver and obtaining the Carnet through our online course is very simple. Just follow these steps:

    1.- Click here to start the course:

    2.- You must read the lessons/manual and take the multiple-choice test (you will be able to repeat the test as many times as you need).

    3.- At the end of the course you will have to pay 50€ to obtain the card (you will be able to pay: against refund, card, paypal, deposit or transfer).

    As simple as that, you will instantly receive the certificate in your e-mail, if you need it urgently you only have to print it and present it.

    And within an estimated period of 7 to 10 working days you will receive at home the Card, along with the certificate.

    With this card you will be able to work in any company nationwide, for all of Spain, as it has been adapted according to Royal Decree 1215/1997 and PRL Law 31/1995. This card enables you to operate 5 machines: Front Trucks, Reach Trucks, Pallet Trucks (electric and manual), Stackers and Order Pickers.

    We also attend WhatsApp at number 689 894 830. We open Monday to Friday from 9 to 21h.

    We will be delighted to assist you.

    Cordial greetings,
    The Academia Forma-te team